Monthly Archive: February, 2021

The First of Many

This post chronicles the second of many loops incorporating Argentina and/or Turkey Canyons, my two favorite access points to the Crest Trail tracking the north-south ridge line along the Sierra Blancas. Our first… Continue reading

Monsoon Green in the Sierra Blancas

The morning after the fifth (and last!) house was issued a certificate of occupancy we lifted the jacks on the RV and rolled up the mountain to Ruidoso for the month of August.… Continue reading

The PUP Chronicles, Part 5: You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But You’ll Get What You Need

The last installment of the PUP Chronicles (at least for 2020) is a compilation of 4 weekends spent in the Sacramento Mountains south of the town of Cloudcroft. I had multiple exploratory adventures… Continue reading